Terms of Usage

  1. eScan Touch Point Network is a reward program for partners to earn on every activation of eScan Products.

  2. The eScan Touch Point Program provides backend rewards to registered eScan Support Touch Points (support engineers/partners who are responsible for eScan installation) based on the installations and activations of valid eScan License Keys done by them.

  3. To claim the rewards, they need to enter the eScan Touch Point ID in the 'Mobile No.' or 'Dealer Mobile No.' text box during the activation process. Failing to enter the correct eScan Touch Point ID will result in loss of reward and the process cannot be changed or altered.

  4. Backend rewards will be credited only on the first activation of the License key. All subsequent activations will not be eligible for the rewards.

  5. All NFR activations will not be eligible for rewards.

  6. The reward is valid only on purchase of the below eScan Products from registered eScan Partners in the respective region. The products on which the backend can be claimed are as below;
    1. eScan Anti-Virus with Cloud Security
    2. eScan Internet Security Suite with Cloud Security
    3. eScan Anti-Virus
    4. eScan Internet Security Suite
    5. eScan Mobile Security for Android
    6. eScan Tablet Security for Android
    7. eScan Anti-Virus Security for Mac
    8. eScan Anti-Virus for Linux Desktops
    9. eScan Internet Security Suite for Business
    10. eScan Total Security Suite for Business

  7. The eScan Touch Point program rewards are not transferable and they cannot be clubbed between multiple Touch Points/Touch Point accounts.

  8. The Backend rewards accumulated cannot be cashed under any circumstances.

  9. The Backend rewards accumulated can be used to redeem eScan products. The products redeemed will be delivered only in electronic mode and no physical shipment will be entertained.

  10. eScan may also offer Gift Vouchers and other Gifts for purchase by the eScan Touch Points against the accumulated rewards. In such cases,
    1. All images shown in the online reward catalogue are only representational and may differ from the actual product.
    2. Registered eScan Touch points are responsible for all applicable taxes (if applicable).
    3. Shipping/Courier/Handling charges will be extra as applicable and will be adjusted from the reward amount accumulated.
    4. The Gift Voucher and Gifts available for redemption would carry its routine manufacturer warranty unless mentioned thereof. All such request for maintenance/ warranty issues should be directly made to its manufacturer/authorized agent/distributor. Neither eScan, nor its Partners would service or entertain any issues pertaining to the above by any of the participating eScan Touch points or any individual or organizational authority on their behalf.
    5. All products featured in the rewards catalogue are subject to availability of the goods and supplier warranties restrictions at the time of redemption. eScan provides no warranty (whether expressly or implied) whatsoever, with respect to the product/services acquired under the rewards program.
    6. Redemption request once given cannot be cancelled or withdrawn or changed. On redemption, the rewards points would automatically be subtracted from the accumulated balance.
    7. Computation of the reward mechanics shall be final, conclusive and binding on the eScan Touch Points and will not be liable to be disputed or questioned.

  11. eScan reserves the right to terminate or suspend any Touch Point account at its discretion if any of the terms of the program are breached.

  12. eScan reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue the program at any given point of time without assigning any reason(s) for the same.

  13. All disputes will be settled under the Mumbai jurisdiction only.

  14. For any queries/disputes/complaints, please write to indiasales@escanav.com.